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Join us on Thursday, November 21, for our Commercial Pilot Open House at Thunderbird Aviation!

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Whether your dream is to pilot an aircraft or help guide it through stormy skies, Academy College offers the career training for you. Our graduates secure exciting jobs such as: aircraft dispatcher, airline pilot, corporate pilot, air charter pilot, fire watch pilot, test pilot, fixed-base operations manager, airline manager, customer service representative, aircraft sales, aircraft insurance, airport security and airport management.

Academy College students complete their flight training at Thunderbird Aviation, the Twin Cities’ largest flight training program, with two locations in both the north and south metro areas, respectively. For more about Thunderbird, which has been a fixture in the Twin Cities since 1962, go to www.thunderbirdaviation.com.

Watch an Introductory Flight Lesson at Thunderbird Aviation.

Luke Hayes, an Academy College student, flies with his wife and his flight instructor, Fred Nauer, at Thunderbird Aviation.

It is hardly a secret that this is the best time in two decades to choose a career as a pilot. When the Federal Aviation Administration lowered the mandatory retirement age for pilots to 65, it pushed the Baby Boomer generation into retirement and opened up countless positions for the next generations.

There are many good reasons to choose Academy College for academic and flight training (Top 10 Reasons to Choose Academy College):

  • Over the next two decades, 87 new pilots will need to be trained and ready to fly a commercial airliner every day in order to meet our insatiable demand to travel by air. That’s one every 15 minutes.
  • Retirements at U.S. airlines will start to rise precipitously starting in 2021 as the current crop of pilots turns 65, the mandated age of retirement. More than 42% of active U.S. airline pilots at the biggest carriers will retire over the next 10 years, about 22,000.
Program achievement image

Israel Persaud, a student at Academy College, by finishing his certified flight instructor instrument check ride has completed all the requirements for graduation from the Academy. Congratulations, Israel!

To experience the nostalgia of flying, check out Thunderbird Aviation’s Introductory Flights that allow you to fly the plane under close supervision for just $99!

Academy College partners with Thunderbird Aviation, the Twin Cities’ premier flight center. If you are interested in an introductory flight where the YOU will fly the plane under close supervision, or you would like to schedule a scenic flight and fly over Lake Minnetonka, call 951-941-1212.


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