Learning for Life

High school students often find themselves confronting difficult choices with respect to college. There are so many criteria to be considered—from program of study, to size of school, to local or out of state.

Many of us have the opportunity for trial periods before making big decisions. Think of automobile dealerships who offer the chance to drive a car for thirty days before buying. Yet college students often have no such chance.

Academy College has an answer to all of that. Through our Learning for Life Program, high school seniors have the opportunity to enroll in three tuition-free courses in their field of study. Not only do these courses provide direct exposure to a specific career field, but they also are fully transferrable as college credit in the event that after high school graduation the student is accepted to Academy College.

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For more information on the Learning for Life Program, go to https://www.academycollege.edu/scholarships/learning-for-life-program/ or inquire at admissions@academycollege.edu