Welcome to Career Services at Academy College!

We help Academy College students and alumni plan, prepare and promote their careers. Whether you’re wondering where to begin, looking for related employment, or seeking advancement in your career, Career Services will guide you through the process of career development every step of the way.

We partner with local employers to bring a variety of internships, externships, and jobs to our qualified applicant pool. Our web pages are brimming with career-related advice and resources. Please enjoy your visit with us virtually and plan to visit our Career Services office personally. Our experienced Career Services Team provides a friendly environment, valuable resources, and knowledgeable career advising to assist you in clarifying  your goal planning the steps, and building the resume necessary for your continued career success.

With your Academy College degree or certificate in hand and your passions, talents, skills and experiences, you will be ready for the career you’ve always wanted or possibly the career you’ve never imagined! Academy College graduates are awarded the benefits of career placement: assisting your needs today and in the future. So, stay in touch and keep climbing that career ladder!

Now, what’s stopping you?  If you haven’t yet visited our Career Services office, do so today. And, if you are still seeking the college experience that is right for you, give us a call to learn more about the Academy College difference and be rest assured Academy College is committed to your career!

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