Smaller is better. We invest in our students.

There are usually multiple options for almost any type of product. Education, although not usually known as a product, is no exception. One of the many things that separates college students by personal preferences is the type of campus that attracts them.

Of course there will always be students who prefer the buzz of the major university campus, with its fraternities and sororities, football games, administrative complexes, and miles of buildings. However, the demographics of American college students have been changing for quite some time, and the traditional vision of mom and dad packing up the SUV and driving the kids 12 hours to college has often been replaced by the independent adult driving to focused training classes after a day at work.

Academy’s campus is perfectly suited for the type of students we have and the type of training we deliver. Some of its many features include:

  • A small complex of classrooms and administrative offices that lends itself to easy navigation and communication. You aren’t a number at Academy; you are a human being.
  • Clean, comfortable learning areas that are more like professional seminar rooms than they are like college classrooms. These rooms are perfectly set up for the small class sizes at Academy College
  • Easy access to food and fitness
  • Desktop and freestanding simulators in classrooms for hands-on aviation training
  • On-campus testing center for FAA exams, IT certifications, and other examinations