Young Flyers

One question we hear all the time is “How soon can my child begin pursuing his or her passion for aviation?” While the eligibility age for a Private Pilot license on a powered aircraft is 17, in no way does that mean that families must wait that long to begin exposing their children to the world of flight.

Thunderbird Aviation offers a special four-day program designed for helping younger aviators take to the skies. Known as “Young Flyers Camp,” the program is designed for young adults ages 10-15.

Run during the summer months at two different locations, the Young Flyers Camp is a smorgasbord of everything an aspiring aviator would need to satisfy his or her emerging passion for flying.

The camp includes activities in all of the following areas:

  • Aircraft flight
  • Control tower tour
  • Airport tours
  • Simulator flights
  • Jet aircraft
  • Mini-ground school

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