Providing the tools you need to succeed

At Academy College, we’ll work as hard as you do to help achieve your graduation goal, and provide valuable resources every step of the way. Our professional faculty and staff will offer instructional tutoring, course study sessions, computer user training, keyboard training, online training and continued program guidance. As an Academy College student, you are provided with the necessary accommodations and small classroom settings to ensure your daily, weekly and monthly program success.

Tutoring Services

Whether your quarterly goal is to successfully pass a challenging course or maintain a 4.0 GPA, our team of academic leaders is here to assist you. Academy College offers free tutoring services, provided by program experts, in a one-on-one or group format. We invite you to take advantage of this valuable academic resource on your road to success!

Computer User Training

Concerned about your limited computer skills? No worries…Academy College offers weekly computer user labs, free of charge. We’ll provide you with ongoing MSOffice and online user training at your own pace. You can attend on a short-term basis or throughout the length of your program. Whatever your needs, we’re here for you.

Keyboard Training

Strong keyboarding skills are more important than ever in today’s competitive job market. Whatever your career path, employees of today are expected to possess both keyboarding speed and accuracy, and Academy College is prepared to help you meet those demands. Keyboarding labs are offered throughout the week, in both individual and group instruction. The keyboarding lab is also available during open campus hours for those students that prefer to practice on their own. Either method of training will ensure that you, as an Academy College graduate, are ready to enter the workforce with confidence.

Professional Development Labs

We believe today’s job market requires exceptional professional and career search skills…skills that require long-term opportunities for growth. Thus, we’ve created a unique offering with our free Professional Development Lab series. Academy College Professional Development Labs help students understand how interactions at work will impact them, highlight some of the issues they’ll face, and offer tips for becoming more effective in their interactions with others – in any organizational setting. The labs also focus on resume development and job search skills and competencies. So we’ll not only help you secure your job, but also show you how to take charge and stand out among your peers!

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