Embark on an exhilarating journey at the heart of aviation operations as an Aircraft Dispatcher!

Are you ready to soar above the clouds and play a crucial role in aviation? Step into the thrilling world of Aircraft Dispatch with Academy College’s FAA-Approved Aircraft Dispatch program in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. We are the only Aircraft Dispatch Program in the Twin Cities that has received double accreditation from both the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges). 

At Academy College, we understand that aviation safety and efficient flight operations require meticulous planning and unwavering expertise. As an Aircraft Dispatcher, you’ll be the key player in ensuring safe and comfortable flights for passengers. From issuing flight releases to collaborating with the Captain, your skills will make every takeoff a triumph. At our higher education community, we have crafted our curricula through established partnerships with industry leaders or professional associations to ensure that our students receive the most current and engaging course possible, all while benefiting from small class sizes and personalized attention. 

What is an Aircraft Dispatcher? 


Aircraft Dispatchers play a vital role in ensuring that every flight reaches its destination safely. Aircraft Dispatchers usually work in the operations center of an airline. Pilots may fly the planes, but the dispatchers are the ones who prepare the flight plans and work with the pilots throughout their flights to accommodate changing conditions.  

In order to be effective, Aircraft Dispatchers must be knowledgeable in many aspects of aviation, including meteorology, regulations, weight and balance, human factors, and more. 

To become certified as an Aircraft Dispatcher, one must log the FAA-mandated minimum of 200 training hours, and pass a written knowledge test, a practical flight planning test, and an oral exam. 

Why choose Academy College’s FAA-Approved Aircraft Dispatch Certification program? 

With our FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher Certification, you’ll unlock job opportunities across the entire United States. The sky is truly the limit for your professional growth in the aviation industry. Our course offers a practical, hands-on training approach, giving students a competitive edge in the job market, aiding you in securing the best possible position to start your career. 

Take on the same FAA Aircraft Dispatcher written exam that commercial pilots undertake, proving your mettle in the aviation industry. Are you ready to demonstrate your expertise and join the ranks of top aviation professionals? 

Academy College offers both a six week and a ten week Aircraft Dispatcher program. In as little as six weeks, you’ll gain the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed to excel as an Aircraft Dispatcher. Our accelerated FAAApproved Aircraft Dispatcher program ensures you’re prepared to take flight in record time. Our team ensures student get the best possible training and then backs up that training with strong student support services and resources in and outside of the classroom. 

Our Aircraft Dispatcher program holds evening classes, AFTER regular business hours, ensuring that that your regular full-time employment is not interrupted. We want you to achieve your goals and successfully pivot into your new career WITHOUT interruption to your livelihood.

Unlock the potential of your educational journey by utilizing VA benefits if you qualify. Our dedication lies in helping students achieve their dreams. Schedule a meeting with our Admission representatives and Financial Aid experts to explore and review the various options available to you. Let us support you in reaching your goals. 

Gain invaluable industry insights from our certified dispatchers with extensive experience. Our dedicated instructors are committed to providing personalized attention, ensuring your success at every stage of the learning process. Learn from the best and excel in your training journey.

Launch your career among our accomplished graduates, securing outstanding positions in the aviation field. Experience the thrill of being the mastermind behind successful flights, with abundant opportunities for growth in supervisory, managerial, training, or instructional roles as you progress. Embrace a rewarding journey in a booming job market and become a vital part of the aviation industry’s bright future. Your potential knows no limits here.

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive Career Services Program! Our expert team will help you build a resume and cover letter that highlights your strengths and sets you apart. With personalized interview preparation and strategies, you’ll exude confidence and land your dream job.  

Discover your ideal career path with the guidance of our experienced advisors, and benefit from inspiring mentorship opportunities. Your success is our priority, and we’re dedicated to empowering you on your journey to a rewarding and fulfilling career. 

Federal Aviation Regulations 



Aircraft Systems and Performance 

Air Traffic Control 

Practical Dispatch 


Emergency & Abnormal Procedures 

Advanced Federal Aviation Regulations 

Advanced Meteorology 

Advanced Navigation and Air Traffic Control 

Advanced Aircraft Systems and Performance 

Advanced Practical Dispatching 

Advanced Emergency & Abnormal Procedures 

Enroll in Academy College’s Aircraft Dispatch program today and unleash your potential in the dynamic world of aviation! 

Meet Chief Double-A Andrews, Aircraft Dispatcher Program Coordinator

Elias “Double-A” Andrews is a renowned voice in airline management, with a wealth of expertise in both international and domestic aircraft dispatch. A passionate charter flight operations instructor, he empowers minds and leads change, always with the heart of a servant leader. Double-A inspires many through his commitment to humor, stoicism, and critical thinking in the aviation business.


YouTube Channel, “Stoic Sky” 


A note from Chief Double-A: 


Being a Flight Dispatcher is a role that takes flight operations to new heights, with a range of responsibilities that contribute to safe and efficient aviation. It’s a profession that combines meticulous monitoring, crucial safety communication, and decisive action to ensure the skies remain secure. In the realm of aviation’s many unseen heroes, the Flight Dispatcher soars. With eyes fixed on the skies, they navigate the currents of safety to support the pilot in command. Armed with expertise and unyielding dedication, dispatchers ensure that only the safest journeys prevail. Their commitment keeps the celestial realm alight.