Eliminate Your Financial Fears

Eliminate Your Financial Fears

Eliminate Your Financial Fears


Don’t let money hold you back!

Academy College can offer financial assistance to those who qualify. That means you might be able to take advantage of scholarships, grants, and low-interest government loans designed to help you afford your education. Regardless of your financial situation, we’re here to show you how to eliminate your financial fears and afford an education at Academy College.

Worried about too much debt?

We’re seeing a plethora of news stories about students who are graduating with more debt now than ever before. What isn’t always clear in those stories is that you, as a student borrower, are in charge of how much you borrow and how much you will owe when you graduate. Truth is, schools don’t want to see you over-borrow anymore than you do. We’re here to show you how to eliminate your financial fears and keep your loan debt to a minimum.

How do I reduce my overall loan debt?

Use every resource at your fingertips to reduce the amount you will owe at graduation.
  1. Attend the quarterly financial aid seminars hosted by the Academy College Financial Aid team. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the financial aid process, possible repayment scenarios and alternate options to funding your education.
  2. Participate in the Tuition-Free Academy College Learning for Life Program. Academy College offers all active High School students in their senior year the opportunity to complete collegiate courses FREE OF TUITION CHARGES with the approval of your high school counselor. So, if you are a senior High School student interested in earning Academy College credits towards your high school graduation requirements, contact your guidance counselor for approval and get enrolled in the Academy College Learning for Life Program.
  3. Be proactive in requesting official transcripts from all past schools. Official transcripts are required for all approved credit transfers. So, provide your official transcripts to the College as soon as possible to determine your approved credit transfers and eliminate excess tuition charges.
  4. Research the possibility of tuition assistance benefits through your current employer. Many employers offer fantastic tuition reimbursement programs. So, speak to your manager about any possibilities of this benefit with your company.
  5. Apply for the Academy College Annual Scholarship. This is a simple process and merely requires you to submit a completed scholarship application form along with an essay or the completion of a scholarship exam. A few hours of effort on your part, can help you bank between $200.00 to $1000.00 direct from Academy College!
  6. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! While it may seem overwhelming at times, the key to continued career success is continued employment, and it begins now! Academy College provides all of the resources necessary to aid students and graduates in their employment search. We have discovered along the way, that those graduates presented with the most lucrative offers upon graduation, typically have related experience in their chosen field. Not only do you, as a student gain crucial on-the-job skills when working while attending college, you are earning an income along the way, which can then aid in covering tuition and fee charges. So, find employment early and work your way to a successful career!

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