Five Reasons to Choose Academy

Five Reasons to Choose Academy

Welcome to Academy College and the 5 reasons, and promises we make to students, that make us who we are.

1. The Personal Touch

We're a small school - and that is something we're proud of and use to our students' advantage! Prospective students will always talk to a live person who is dedicated to hearing about their educational goals, and current students have full access to any faculty or administration member when they need assistance. Additionally, our low student-to-instructor ratio gives our students the opportunity to connect 1-on-1 with their instructors, letting Academy College invest as much time in our students as they invest in their studies. We truly believe that when our students succeed, Academy College succeeds.

2. Career-focused Programs

Our programs are structured to provide you training that translates directly and immediately into your chosen career. We emphasize a practical, real-world learning approach with measurable outcomes via our graduation and retention rates to prepare you for success from day one in your job upon graduating.

3. Career Services for Life

Academy College’s Career Services department will help support you in finding employment while attending school, upon graduation, and for the rest of your career.

4. Learner's Choice Approach

Education is evolving and we are committed to being on the forefront to provide our future graduates with a real-world experience while attending Academy College. Our Learner's Choice Approach allows students to attend class in-person or from home depending on what works for them. That's right, attend Monday's class on Zoom and be on-campus for class on Wednesday!

5. Save Money by Staying Local

Whether it be in our Aviation, IT, Business, or Accounting program, Academy College is set-up to help you save money throughout your educational experience. With no on-campus housing or fees allocated to renovations or athletics, your tuition goes entirely towards your education and allows you to attend while working and residing locally.

An invitation to explore!