Why Should I Pursue a Career in Accounting?

Why Should I Pursue a Career in Accounting?

The modern job market seems to be ever shifting and it can be hard to find a career where your work won’t be outsourced or replaced by automation. Right now the accounting job market is experiencing a period of growth and is expected to grow during the next decade. Part of this is because baby boomers are starting to retire, leaving a lot of jobs in the accounting field open.

These are jobs that are hard to shift overseas and the automation that is expected to happen in the industry already has happened. One of the best things about the current market for accounting positions is that the openings go all the way from entry level to C-Level positions. These are jobs that aren’t just available in Fortune 500 companies, but these are positions in small and medium sized businesses. That means that people with accounting skills and experience can find jobs just about anywhere in the country.

Unlike many jobs in the service industry, most of these jobs are relatively stable, not just in the longevity of the jobs, but in the hours that you work. Instead of having to be available and on-call at all hours and all times including holidays and weekends, most accounting jobs are 8-5 Monday through Friday with paid holidays and vacation. This is very attractive to those who are looking for jobs that offer the ability to find a happy work life balance.

You do not have to be a math genius, but it helps if you enjoy working with numbers. Accounting is now highly automated and having good data entry as well as so skill in accounting programs and MS Excel is probably more key than having taken advanced math classes. If you do have a knack for numbers and enjoy job stability, Accounting has a lot to offer as a career.

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