What Are my Career Opportunities in Accounting?

What Are my Career Opportunities in Accounting?

It often surprises people how much accounting plays a role in almost everything we do. It is the study of how people, businesses, or organizations account for their assets and income. To understand business, you must have at least a basic knowledge of accounting. Many accountants, in fact, run their own businesses, since they are so familiar with accounting systems and practices. There is a lot of work in accounting for those who do not work in it themselves, however. Here is a rundown of some accounting career options.

Public Practice

A public accountant is someone who hires out their accounting services for a fee. They can work with businesses, individuals, governments, and any type of organization. To work as a public accountant you must be properly certified. Public accountants can perform audits, advise on taxation, provide guidance to management, and perform all of the cost and expenses tracking needed. It is a good way to get a solid overview of the business world before perhaps striking out on your own.


Accountants can also get into the education field. They can do research, or they can teach. Research can be extremely valuable in that it will allow the entire field to move forward with new ideas and ways to think about old ideas. The best people to pass on knowledge are the experts, so many accountants get into teaching to guide the next generations of accounting talent.


No matter the size, every corporation has an accounting department. They need people to put together financial statements, handle any tax issues, and track costs. They can also work on international transactions to make sure they are processed correctly. Many top executives at some of the biggest companies in the world started out in the accounting department before moving their way up.

Government Service

If anyone needs to keep track of their spending, it is governments. Every level of government needs accounting professionals to help with any number of tasks. For one, they can help create and manage budgets. They can also track government spending and analyze programs and services for inefficiencies. There is, however, always the difficulty in working in the political arena, when there is not always a guarantee that your ideas and recommendations will be implemented if the political winds are not blowing the right way.

These are just a few of the many options available for an accountant. Money is what makes the world go ‘round, and being able to properly and accurately track spending and manage budgets is a massively important skill that can lead to any number of exciting careers.

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