What Careers Does the Aviation Management Industry Offer?

What Careers Does the Aviation Management Industry Offer?

When it comes to the aviation industry, there are many more types of jobs that people don’t realize exist. Many future airline professionals imagine all the work is done in the cockpit, however, there exists another crucial role, and that is aviation management. Aviation management involved the daily operations of an airline, airplane manufacturer, and airport. Unlike a flight attendant, professionals working in this field don’t typically board a plane. Aviation management is a mix of business management, marketing, and knowing aviation law. That’s why having an education in aviation management is necessary for getting the job.

Types of Jobs in the Aviation Management Industry

There are many different paths one could take with a background in aviation management. Here are the most common.

Airport Operations

An airport operations manager is responsible for ensuring all operations at an airport run smoothly. From facility and equipment maintenance to enforcing state and federal laws, this position is the key to making the airport function on a day-to-day basis. You will also be responsible for managing security procedures and installing any necessary changes in technology.

Airline Station Manager

Similar to an airport operations manager, an airline station manager’s job is to ensure the day-to-day operations are running smoothly. However, rather than working for a direct airport, they work for an airline. The role of an airline station manager is to manage the operation staff and station budget. They may also oversee the cargo operations, aircraft maintenance, passenger ticketing, and scheduling flights.

Security Management

You can also go down a security route. Airports have some of the most rigid security out of any consumer-facing industry. An airport security manager would help manage and develop security protocols, as well as emergency measures. They also are in charge of maintaining security equipment, including airport surveillance.

Airport Planner

Airport planners have a more creative role than the other positions mentioned above. Their job is to design plans that interest customers. They collect passenger data to influence the plans they create. If an airport’s traffic increases over time, they may need to work on changes to offer more amenities or hold more people. This job can be a bit more complex than the operation management positions, as it requires a bit more marketing and planning knowledge.

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