Aviation Industry Pushing For Pilot Hires

Aviation Industry Pushing For Pilot Hires

The aviation industry faced one of its biggest crises due to the pandemic. However, as many of us return to “normal” lives, the industry is yet again facing another major dilemma: a lack of pilots. But why is there such a high demand for pilots?

Many Pilots Have Retired

The mandatory retirement age for pilots is 65. Many pilots retired early in 2020, but there was also a rise in buyouts due to the pandemic. Now that many major airlines are operating at levels similar to the pre-pandemic era.

Getting New Pilots Is Not Instant

Average pilot training can range between 18-24 months. Carriers have to make sure their new pilots have properly trained ahead of new aircraft, which are often ordered years in advance.

Cancellations Will Likely Rise

This past summer saw many flight delays and cancellations due to a shortage of pilots and airline workers. This may likely be the case for the coming holiday seasons as there is still a massive demand for pilots. However, the future is looking better for the airline and aviation industry, with many airlines and major carriers pushing investments for new pilot training.

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