At Academy College we strive to make the admission process as simple as possible. Simply complete our online application and submit along with the $40 application fee. You can use your Paypal account or credit card.

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  2. I understand that the school catalog is the complete statement of all terms and conditions of my contract with Academy College. This agreement becomes a legally binding instrument upon written acceptance of the student by Academy College unless canceled pursuant to the Refund Policy as stated in the school catalog.
  3. A non-refundable application fee must accompany this completed application. Please have transcripts from any schools listed on this application form forwarded to us as soon as possible. Academy College reserves the right to retain samples of the student’s art work for the school’s permanent collection, exhibition, publication, or broadcast. I grant Academy College permission to provide to a third party or parties any or all of the information which is contained in the school’s student or graduate files and records of myself, and information which is usual and normal in the conduct of business of a school.

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 Admissions Criteria:

Academy College Orientation Exam:

If you choose this criteria, the Orientation Exam will be administered by an Admissions Representative at Academy College.

Student Scores

  • Student scoring 60 percent or above are allowed admission into Academy College
  • Students scoring 40 to 59 percent on the orientation exam will be placed on Conditional Enrollment. They MUST meet the Director of Education (DOE) to discuss and sign a conditional enrollment form.
  • Students scoring below 39 percent cannot enroll into the school.
Score Status
60- 99 percentile Regular enrollment
40-59 percentile Conditional enrollment
0-39 percentile May not be enrolled



A score of 2.0 or higher from high school or a post secondary institution in which a degree or certificate was earned within 10 years of the application date for enrollment. If you choose this criteria, please attach a copy of your high school transcript.



A score of 1000 or higher taken within 10 years of the application date for enrollment. If you choose this criteria,please attach a copy of your SAT score report.



A score of 20 or higher taken within 10 years of the application date for enrollment. If you choose this criteria, please attach a copy of your ACT score report.


Or if you prefer, you can print, complete and mail your application with the $40 application fee to:

Academy College
1600 W 82nd St.
Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55431

Please make the check for your application fee made payable to Academy College.




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