What is Network Administration?

What is Network Administration?

Network administration involves a wide array of operational tasks that help a network to run smoothly and efficiently. Without network administration, it would be difficult for all but the smallest networks to maintain network operations. Network administrators are responsible for almost every aspect of network management, including:

-Security Hardware maintenance

-User assistance

-Installation and configuration of network devices

-Traffic management

-Network monitoring and control

Network administrators must possess the IT skills necessary to be successful in their careers. IT expertise, including hardware knowledge, software knowledge, database knowledge, troubleshooting skills, and networking expertise are all highly desirable IT professional traits. IT professionals with advanced degrees or certifications also have higher employment prospects. IT knowledge is constantly changing and IT professionals must be able to continuously acquire new skills both on the job and through training.

IT certification can help IT professionals demonstrate their IT skills, knowledge, and expertise to potential employers. IT certifications are also important for IT workers who want to advance in their IT careers. IT professionals with advanced degrees or IT certifications will find increased employment opportunities as the demand for IT workers continues to grow throughout the next decade.

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