The Skills Every Aircraft Dispatcher Should Possess

The Skills Every Aircraft Dispatcher Should Possess

  Many different skills are necessary for being an aircraft dispatcher. The most critical skill is thinking and acting quickly in emergencies. Aircraft dispatchers must communicate effectively with pilots, air traffic controllers, and other personnel. They must thoroughly know aircraft systems, weather patterns, and airport operations. In addition, they must be able to handle stress well and remain calm under pressure. Those interested in becoming aircraft dispatchers should ensure that they possess all of these skills before pursuing a career in this field.  


As the primary point of contact between pilots and ground personnel, an aircraft dispatcher is critical in coordinating activities on the ground, such as arranging any necessary repairs or services. Therefore, they must be well-versed in air traffic regulations and advisories to ensure that flight plans take these into account. In addition, they must be able to quickly and effectively communicate vital information to pilots while they are in the air. This includes providing information on weather conditions during flights, ensuring clearance is obtained before entering certain airspace, and providing general updates during trips to help keep passengers relaxed.   

Quick to Respond to Emergencies

Quick thinking and decisive action are essential in an emergency; they can be the difference between life and death. Performing well under pressure is no easy feat, but those able to process and act upon a rapid flow of information must stay one step ahead to ensure the safety of all involved. That's why emergency responders often drill scenarios—to practice putting their heads together and coming up with solutions that match the situation.   

Be Calm Under Pressure

They must be able to stay calm even in the most stressful circumstances – decisions made by dispatchers are often lifesaving, so having nerves of steel is a requirement. In addition, dispatchers must be able to assess situations promptly and accurately, provide sound advice, prepare flight plans, assess weather conditions, track aircraft, coordinate with other workers like pilots or air traffic controllers, budget expenses and projects, and inform passengers when delays occur.  

Problem Solving is Key

Problem-solving is an essential skill for success, no matter the job or field. Whether organizing a busy calendar or dealing with unexpected complications, those who can think quickly and creatively are often the ones who get ahead. With dedication and guidance, people can hone this critical skill and become an even more valuable asset to any organization.   Aircraft dispatching is an important job that comes with a lot of responsibility. An excellent aircraft dispatcher must have excellent communication skills, think and act quickly in an emergency, stay calm under pressure, and have good problem-solving skills. If you have any of these traits, a career as an aircraft dispatcher may be right for you!  

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