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The following is a list of web sites that offer free searches for scholarship awards. These are not the actual groups offering the awards; they only assist you in finding awards that are available. Most of the sites offer links to applications and/or scholarship web pages.  Your scholarship results may differ depending on the “profile” you use.

Academy College is not affiliated with any of these sites, scholarships, or awards.  

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A fast, easy, and free way to search for more than 3 million college scholarships.


Free registration. Set up a comprehensive profile, filling out a long form that can take 30-45 minutes to complete. Once complete, however, there are many helpful links available for finding scholarships and financial aid information. You can save the scholarships that interest you. Please note that since some scholarships have application deadlines, some links may be invalid.


Free registration. Setting up your student profile is moderately long, taking approximately 20-30 minutes.  Results, based on the profile given, are displayed on the screen in no particular order.  Click on a hyperlink to view the information about a particular scholarship.


Free registration. The registration form is relatively short, as are the search results.  These results are only a list with a brief explanation of the scholarship and contact information.  You are able to save the scholarships that interest you.


Affiliated with monster.com; Free registration. The user profile has multiple options for you to select whether or not you want related information from the site’s sponsors. The results page lists jobs in the local area first, with scholarship results lower down on the page.


Free registration. On the site’s home page, click “For Students.”  Under the category “Pay for College,” click “Scholarship Search.”  The next few pages will allow you to set up your profile and do searches.

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