Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Bloomington Campus Administration

Nancy Grazzini-Olson President ngo@academycollege.edu
Roger Sage Director of Education rsage@academycollege.edu 

Education and Online Services

Julie Falk Aviation  Specialist jfalk@academycollege.edu
Laura Burroughs General Education Faculty; Tutor; LRC Information Specialist lburroughs@academycollege.edu

Program Coordinators & Administrators

Darrell Pharmer Computer Technology Coordinator dpharmer@academycollege.edu

Financial Aid

Kellye MacLeod Director of Financial Aid & Regulatory Compliance kmacleod@academycollege.edu

Student Affairs & Admissions

Andrew Scoblionko Director of Admissions  ascoblionko@academycollege.edu
Jarod Olson Curriculum Jarod.olson@academycollege.edu
Inquiries General Email admissions@academycollege.edu 


Kristen Erickson Librarian kerickson@academycollege.edu


Request transcripts Registrar registrar@academycollege.edu

Business Administration

Nancy Grazzini-Olson President ngo@academycollege.edu
General Contact Information:

by phone: 952.851.0066
by email: info@academycollege.edu
in person: 1600 W. 82nd Street, Suite 100, Bloomington, MN 55431

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