Charter Flight Coordinator Course

The two-week, 40-hour intensive online course is designed for members of the charter industry, specifically charter-flight followers and non-certified flight operation representative, to achieve certification as a Charter Flight Coordinator.

With a strategic focus on the day-to-day aspect of Part 135 operations, the Charter Flight Coordinator Course will cover a multitude of aircraft types, regulatory compliance specific to charter, the charter sales process, and addresses how to accelerate growth in a charter operation.

Approved by the State of Minnesota and endorsed by NATA

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40 hours, 2 weeks
Next course runs June 7-19th, M-F from 10-2
Hosted via Zoom

For more information, please contact our Dispatch Coordinator at or 952.851.0631 ext 302

“The Charter Flight Coordinator Course fulfills a real need for quality, comprehensive training for this crucial team member. As workforce retention and recruitment are top of mind for the aviation business industry, we look forward to the advantages certification programs like these will bring to individuals and businesses.”

National Air Transportation Association
Ryan Waguespack
Executive Vice President