What is the Role of an Aircraft Dispatcher?

What is the Role of an Aircraft Dispatcher?

A career in the airline industry can be exciting, fulfilling, and challenging. You do not have to be a pilot, of course, to experience these benefits. There are jobs in the airline industry that require a lot of responsibility. An aircraft dispatcher is one of those jobs. The dispatcher plays a vital role in helping planes safely travel from one location to another. Read on to learn about the primary responsibilities of an aircraft dispatcher.

Safety Evaluation

Perhaps the most important task of aircraft dispatchers is to make sure that an airliner operating as safely as possible. These professionals will monitor on the weather before and airliner's departure, during its arrival, and along the route. They monitor the plane for any malfunctions or mechanical issues. No plane can take off without the dispatcher's permission, and a dispatcher can cancel any flight if they feel doing so is warranted.

Check on the Crew

The dispatcher ensures that every crew member on a plane has all of their qualifications up-to-date to work on that flight. They can review the crew's rest practices to ensure all crew members have had enough "downtime" in between flights before taking off.


Planning the most efficient route is part of a dispatcher's job. He or she will calculate fuel consumption. They will consider safety when planning the route and will make sure the plane can land safely.

Flight Monitoring

The pilot and the dispatcher will both monitor the weather to evaluate whether conditions are safe for flying. When the plane is in the air, the dispatcher will continue to monitor and relay that information to the pilot. If there is weather approaching that might pose a threat, the pilot and dispatcher will together determine how to land the plane safely.


The Federal Aviation Administration has set limits to ensure that dispatchers are not overworked. In addition, a dispatcher has the opportunity to work one-on-one with many industry professionals and has a range of responsibilities. There is never a dull day, and the environment is fast-paced and exciting.

If a career in the airline industry is something that you find appealing, working as an aircraft dispatcher might be the perfect fit. To learn how to become an aircraft dispatcher, contact Academy College by visiting our Bloomington location, contacting us online or by calling 952-851-0066.

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