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As a child we all ‘know’ what we want to be when we grow up. Now that you ARE grown up, it’s time to KNOW what you want to be! Perhaps it’s the same thing you’ve envisioned as a child, or perhaps you have decided to take a different direction. Either way, where do you start? First place is to gain the education that you need to be successful in that career, second is to get started on the steps to be successfully in that chosen career.

The Career Services Department at Academy College aims to effectively prepare college students for a competitive job market by assisting and supporting students with all phases of the job search.

How to get started

  • First is to define a career goal. This can always change (and probably will), but write down specific goals with deadlines.
  • Locate a College that provides hands-on, relevant experience specific to placement within your selected career.
  • While in college, work part-time and/or complete an internship/externship in your area of study. This is critical as your relevant work experience will you give you an edge against your job search competitors.
  • Network with professionals in your desired career area. This allows for you to get acquainted with others who have chosen the same or similar career, and can answer questions or concerns you may have.
  • Practice professionalism by dressing well, creating a LinkedIn account, and making sure your online presence is positive and professional.  Most companies now look at any social media accounts before they call for an interview! It is also important to have a professional email address and voicemail for the contact information you have provided. When you have someone whom you have networked with or perhaps a future employer contacting you, you need to have a professional presence within all areas.
  • Constantly update your skills and achievements. In-demand skills and technology are continuously evolving and changing, and employers are constantly seeking those candidates that can truly enhance the workplace with their knowledge and skills. So, stay current and ahead of the “pack”!

Check out our Career Resources page for additional recommendations.

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