Information Technology
Information Technology

The Academy Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a degree designed for career-driven students in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area with busy lives.

We offer our traditional BSIT degree, as well as 2 Concentrations:

BSIT Concentration in Cybersecurity

BSIT Concentration in Cloud Computing

There was a time when Information Technology was a term of the future. Much of its potential was not even taken seriously by a skeptical world set in its ways. But times change in the blink of an eye, and today it is almost impossible to imagine a world without technology. Today’s hot topic is AI, Artificial Intelligence, but every decade seems to bring new promises and new challenges.

More than any other career field, Information Technology is all about lifelong learning. A good IT program does not merely present the latest fads to its students, as doing so would condemn them to being unemployed the next time things change.

That’s why the IT programs at Academy College…

  • Teach problem-solving skills that go beyond the textbooks.
  • Use a hands-on approach
  • Have small class-sizes, and instructors concerned more with teaching than with research.
  • Cover a range of topics, so that students are not locked into only one career path.

Academy College, located conveniently in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, accomplishes all of that by offering both…

  • An associate degree in Network Administration and a more in-depth bachelor degree in Computer Science.
  • The programs are designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to attempt certification tests across a wide variety of computer emphases, including hardware, networking, database administration, and cybersecurity.

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