The Benefits of a Business Administration Degree

Earning a business administration degree can have many advantages. It can help you land your first job or even start your own business, as graduates can often get a job with better pay than people in similar jobs. It als … Read more

Aviation Industry Pushing For Pilot Hires

The aviation industry faced one of its biggest crises due to the pandemic. However, as many of us return to “normal” lives, the industry is yet again facing another major dilemma: a lack of pilots. But why is there s … Read more

What Careers Does the Aviation Management Industry Offer?

When it comes to the aviation industry, there are many more types of jobs that people don’t realize exist. Many future airline professionals imagine all the work is done in the cockpit, however, there exists another cr … Read more

How To Succesfully Advance Your IT Career

Jobs in information typically start with working at a help desk. Preparing employee’s technology to answer their questions, many young professionals in the IT career wonder if this is what it will be for the rest of th … Read more

4 Top Mistakes Every New Accountant Makes

When it comes to starting your career as a new accountant, mistakes are bound to happen. However, many professionals believe that this helps grow them personally and professionally. If you’ve decided to start your educ … Read more

The Importance of Information Technology Jobs

Information technology is one of the most important roles for every industry and organization. Small to large, every business relies on the help of IT professionals. In recent years, the need for IT careers has steadily … Read more

What is the English Phonetic Alphabet?

Airline attendants are immersed in a brand new world of language that cannot be avoided. The standard aviation language around the globe is English, however, it is not the same as you speak every day. The global aviation … Read more

The Most Essential Tips a Student Pilot Should Follow

Flight training is a complex process. There is a lot of thinking and managing that goes into operating a plane. But for those who take on the exciting challenge of becoming a student pilot will enter an extraordinary per … Read more

Why Being a Pilot Is the Best Job on the Planet

Nothing is better than your first flight The moment you lift off the ground, you understand you're the one responsible for a safe and secure landing. Having such responsibility is extremely rewarding, and a feat that no … Read more

How to Advance Your Career in Accounting

Accounting has remained a popular career option because the skills and need for accountants is always in demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 1.3 million accounting jobs in the United States … Read more

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