Why Education Pays!

November 18th, 2011

When you first think about going to college what is the first thing that pops in your head… usually how expensive it is. Although this concern is valid, it might not be a very good reason to stale in starting your education. By popular demand college has become one of the most important criteria in obtaining a career. With the worth of higher education graduates, competition is stiffer than ever. Lack of education has become one of the most used criteria for elimination in applications for many companies. With this economy, job postings are receiving an ultimate high with applicants. With this being said most companies need some sort of filter, education is typically one of them. Although not forgotten, experience is definitely in your favor when applying for a job, but typically not enough. Now just think what a great candidate you would be if you had the degree and the experience combined!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics education is worth every penny! Individuals who have any higher education are finding that their median weekly earnings are much higher then that of someone with a high-school diploma. You also can see from the graph that the unemployment percent for an individual with a Bachelor’s degree is almost half that of an individual with a high-school diploma.

Education does pay and is worth every penny. Higher median weekly earnings and lower unemployment rates are two statistical factors that are proven to be a benefit for a person with higher education. You have seen the statistics, now it’s your turn to reap the benefits! Call today to let us help you start your college degree.

Education Pays Graphic

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